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Analogue Ripper

Record albums. Break them into tracks. Send the tracks to iTunes.

Analogue Ripper enables you to record sound from any analogue source onto your computer. You can record from cassettes, vinyl, radio, 8-Track, reel–to–reel, even VHS. In fact, anything you have playback equipment for. You can even record directly into Analogue Ripper using your computer’s built-in microphone or an external mic.

Analogue Ripper's powerful editing features let you easily break LPs, cassettes etc. up into discrete tracks - nice if you don't always want to listen to tracks 1, 2, and 3 before track 4. Analogue Ripper interfaces with iTunes to encode your tracks using any of iTunes' encoders. Analogue Ripper can import and edit files in almost all sound formats.

Analogue Ripper is available for Mac OSX.


  • Audio recording interface. You can record from vinyl, cassette, radio, microphone even 8-track or any media for which you have playback equipment. You can record for a set period and/or stop or pause recording after a period of silence.
  • Audio editing interface. Your recording will open in the editor window above. You can also open and edit most audio files. The editor includes the powerful track hunter feature, which finds the periods of silence between tracks. Fine tune your project by adjusting the track start and stop markers, and editing track/album data. Then send your tracks to iTunes to be encoded by any of iTunes encoders.
Download a trial version of Analogue Ripper here. All features are enabled after registration which is simple and secure via Digital River.