Apps for music recording, cryptography and thermal analysis.

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Compress files. Encrypt them. Conceal them.

CryptoPic is a utility that encodes files and folders within an image. The files and folders (called the cargo) are compressed and encrypted with Blowfish. The carrier image is then subtly modulated to enclose the cargo data. Carriers are ordinary images and can be saved, emailed copied, and included on web pages. There is no indication that they contain other data. Their cargo is password protected. Carriers can be automatically reduced in size to fit the requirements of the cargo. Any type of file can be encoded by CryptoPic - subject to space in the carrier.

CryptoPic is available for Windows and Mac OSX.


  • In this example, the carrier picture (Centauri) contains a folder with five images and a jpeg version of itself. CryptoPic incorporates both steganographical and cryptographical techniques.
  • This is the previous image on the shelf being carried in a copy of the Mona Lisa.
  • Here is the Mona Lisa carrying the first image as cargo. Cargo can be any type of file or folder/directory. She looks very pleased about it.
Download a trial version of CryptoPic here. All features are enabled after registration which is simple and secure via Digital River.