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Refractory Lining Thermal Modeller

Graphically model heat transfer calculations.

The Refractory Lining Thermal Modeller (RLTM) is a software program for rapid modelling of heat flows through furnace, heater and kiln linings. It is available for Mac OSX, and Windows. Materials are dragged and dropped onto a lining model, and can be dragged to different positions and resized.

Material thicknesses, hot face and ambient temperatures, and environmental factors can be adjusted and are reflected live in the model window. Multiple resizable windows can be open at one time, so that potential linings can be compared.

RLTM supports entry of materials in both ASTM and metric systems (or combinations), and produces results in either ASTM or metric. Lining models can be saved, printed, exported to PDF and copied/pasted as components or complete PDF. RLTM includes a modern standard database structure to allow the easy addition and editing of lining materials.

RLTM comes with a comprehensive manual and a sample database. You can use the sample database to try out RLTM before committing to purchase.

RLTM is available for both Windows and Mac OSX.


  • The heat calculation window. Drag and drop materials in specific thicknesses from the material list. You can adjust material thickness by dragging the boundaries between materials, or by entering specific data. Adjust the hot face, ambient, and other parameters to fine tune your model. You can have multiple calculation windows open to compare different designs.
  • The material list. You can select materials and drag them to a heat calculation window. The material list can display up to four standard thicknesses for any material. You can add and edit existing material data from this window.
  • Material data is held in a standard sqllite database. It can created and edited with ease.
  • Datapoints for thermal conductivity are added, and a curve fit performed to determine the best curve fitting the data.
  • Output. Heat calculation models can be printed out, saved as PDF, or copied and pasted as PDF. The graphical representation and text result block can also be copied and pasted individually to your word or other documents.
Download a trial version of RLTM here. All features are enabled after registration which is simple and secure via Digital River.